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Its been a while since these shoots but last night I found a ton of youtube clips from Ibiza, Spain for the TV show “Get Out’ and figured I’d go ahead and post em and share my long-winded behind the scenes adventure…

So traveling abroad is a little intimidating, not to mention traveling abroad ALONE… with luggage (I don’t pack lightly), and with camera gear (which cannot be checked… hello overhead bin).  I figured I was well prepared with all the right equipment- battery chargers, outlet converters, an apple travel kit for my computer, a bag full of camera gear, backup gear, hard-drives and roaming set up on my iPhone, etc, etc.  You can never be too prepared!

So I arrived in Barcelona from DFW, exhausted, a red eye flight mind you… to make my connection to Ibiza, which is a tiny lil island off of Spain.  I turn on my iPhone and try to make a call home and all I get is this message “Out of Service area” flashing.  Crap, I’m in a foreign country, no cell phone, knowing not a soul, and knowing not a lick of spanish.  At this moment I was thinking to myself, “stay calm Dixie, this is an adventure, think positive”…  So my first thought was to find a pay phone but there were none.. so next thought- maybe I could buy a cheap cell phone here?  

I walked the airport for quite a while asking around like a stupid tourist- but I was in luck- there was an electronics store in the airport that sold $20 cell phones.  I purchased one on the spot and asked the lady if it was easy to set up and she said it was so I went to my gate to catch my connecting flight.  As I sit there waiting to board, I open my new cell and start to set it up.  However… I begin to notice that the text is all in spanish… “Eeek, are you kidding me?”  I try to dial a few numbers but it won’t let me because I have to add minutes to it.  Frustrated, I put it in my bag and board the plane.  

To my surprise and relief, I sat next to a man who was fluent in English… I politely asked him if he could set up my phone and he was able to change the language to english.  Whew!  The flight was only about an hour so I arrived in Ibiza after over 12 hours of traveling.  I was beat.  It was mid-day there so I was supposed to catch a cab to the Villa where we were to be shooting.  I caught a cab and all I remember is this crazy loud pumping club music and my head was throbbing… I must have been dehydrated.  But come to find out, luckily everything in Ibiza is “Fluid”- there are no stop lights or stop signs, their music has no start or end points, and the alcohol is always flowing, ha.  Its quite the experience.  

I arrived at the villa and headed up to my room to freshen up… found my handy outlet converter and plugged in my straightening iron and went to grab a beverage.  Good thing I wasn’t gone long… my straightening iron was Smoking when I returned.  Apparently the converter didn’t do its job properly and I was out a $100 Chi iron.  Boo!  Being the hair fanatic that I am.. and thinking of having terrible frizzy yucky hair while on tv (even though they usually only show the back of my head), I left the villa on a mission to find a straightener and to put minutes on my phone.  

I asked the clerk in the lobby where I could add minutes to my cell and he said there was a tobacco store about 1/2 a mile down the road.  I did find the store, but the cashier didn’t speak english so explaining to her that I needed to add money to my phone was a bit tricky… though after about 15 minutes of explaining, she finally understood, so I had her add $50 to the phone, but having no idea how much minutes cost or anything.  It lasted me a couple days.

Next stop- a straightening iron.  I took a taxi into the town of Ibiza and asked the cabbie if he knew of a place to buy hair appliances and he pointed me in the direction and said some spanish store name and drove off.  So there I was roaming the streets of Ibiza for a good hour or so and finally stumbled upon a random hair salon.  I went in and asked the hairstylist if I could purchase an iron and hesitantly she said yes, but the only one she had was the one she was currently using on a client.  So she told me to come back in an hour and pick it up after she was done.  Ha… in my desperation, I agreed.  I came back after having lunch at Subway, which by the way is exactly the same as in the U.S. (yum, turkey sandwich), and returned to purchase the used iron from hairstylist.  Hoooray!!!  All is well.. I have my phone, I have my straightening iron!    

On my way back to the cab line, I walked past THE store he was talking about, a little too late mind you, they had all kinds of appliances including NEW straightening irons.  Ah well, I told myself at least I knew mine worked.  It was about sundown by then and I headed back to the hotel to crash.  I had to be up at 5am in the morning to be ready to start shooting at sunrise.  Lol, all of that work and I hadn’t even made one picture.  

To my surprise, the rest of the trip was a DREAM.  We shot 12 gorgeous models for the show.  Each day, I would cab it to the location at 6am and gaze out the window to see all the party-goers just leaving the clubs.  People in Ibiza know how to party, just saying… and this was the peak of spring break season. Most of the people who live there wake up around noon and then go to work.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  So we’d shoot Sunrise and break during the mid-day light and then shoot sunset.   The light there is incredible- warm, glowy, and super soft.  By the end of the shoots, I had around 12,000 pictures and 2 entire full hard-drives.  Seriously, is that even possible?  I won’t even go into having to spend weeks going through all these, which I must say was COMPLETELY worth it.  We ended up with some AMAZING images and footage… the crew was STELLAR to say the least!!!  

This very long-winded post just reiterates how life is such an adventure… sometimes it is very challenging to just live in the present and enjoy the crazy detours along the way, but if you can learn to enjoy those moments, you are bound for some fun.  And my fun is in making beautiful pictures, working with amazingly passionate people, and visiting beautiful places.  Life is lived in the detours my friend ;).  If you actually took the time to read this, I think you deserve a cocktail or a ribbon or medal or something.  ;) Cheers!  ~

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