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Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder Tour!!!

Just arrived home from an insanely rad workshop taught by commercial photographer, Jeremy Cowart.  If you are unfamiliar with his name, you’ve definitely seen his rockin work on various album covers, movie posters, and coffeetable books around the world. I’ve been following Jeremy’s work for a quite a while so meeting the guy in person was truly a cool experience.  I’ve always made it a point to attend photo seminars like this one because honestly they have jumpstarted my career, allowed me to “nerd-out” with other creatives, and push me to keep sharpening my craft.  ;)  

To give you a quick rundown- it was an information packed day spent learning about his humble beginnings as a photographer, go-to lighting gear/setups, photoshop/raw processing techniques, the importance of the hustle, channeling creativity, and ended with his Help Portrait movement and other motivational projects he’s working on.

Ultimately I think Jeremy just reinforced the point that your greatest creative advantage in this industry is not your lighting, your technique, or even your knowledge… your greatest asset, one that nobody can duplicate, is the unique way You see the world- your Vision.  The workshop definitely reignited my passion for making pictures and for sharing my voice with the world no matter what the medium.  

HUGE THANKS to Jeremy for an AmAzing day and for a wildly inspiring workshop!!!  Check it out if you haven’t already:  http://jeremycowart.com/2011/11/lifefinder-tour/  It will rock your world!